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DIAD offers you an array of products for automated purchase and quick installation.

Platform as a service

Platform as a Serivice (SAAS)

If you want the guarantee of a competent technician who stands behind his work, then you should consider our Platform as a Service offering. You can order all the components of your enterprise online. If you order before midday, we guarantee delivery by COB. What makes our offering unique is that you will be given the contact information for your technician who will support your installation. Your technician is a real person who works in the data center.

Sever Colocation

Server Colocation

If you have a physical server that needs a home in a high grade Data Center we can accommodate you. The purchase can be made online and installed within days. We provide various bandwidth options as well as remote hand services when needed.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect to all Cloud Providers

DIAD has layer 2 connectivity to all the major Cloud providers. We offer flat fee connectivity to the cloud of your choice. The Cloud provider will still charge you for ingress and egress but at a significantly lower rate that they charge for transit over the internet. Unlike most providers we can extend the private connection to your place of business even if you are not colocated in a lit facility. We can either provide you with a layer 2 ethernet circuit from your location to our NOC or we can provide an internet circuit with VPN privacy.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

If you have already been victimized by the hidden costs of storage and data transfer that the Cloud providers impose on you, DIAD can help you. DIAD can offer you as much cloud storage as you want for a flat rate per GIG not ingress and egress rates. You van get a Terrabyte of storage for $9.99 a month. Any S3 compliant application can access the storage.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

We partner with Vembu to bring you a backup solution - you chose where you want the backup to be. We also offer a Cloud storage product. You can combine the two product for a backup solution saved in the cloud. See below.

Software Suites

Cloud Based Software Suites

DIAD has partners with the largest Cloud software distributor in the country. As a result, can provide all the Licenses and accounts you need to move to the Cloud. With our licenses comes 24/7 support to help with installation. We also offer training and maintenance contracts. We can provide all the Microsoft and Google productivity bundles. We also specialize in CRM packages, healthcare packages and asset tracking.

Security Software

Cloud Security Software

We offer a software solution that provides all of the following straight out of the box. Cloud app Security, email security management, endpoint and mobile device security together with data security management .To top it off we also offer security breach insurance. This software is sold on a per device basis. $8.50 a month per device gives you all you need.

Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet

DIAD can offer you broadband from all of the major vendors in the USA and Canada. If you want a single line, you can process your order from start to finish online. If you want to roll out multiples of lines for many locations, we can assign a dedicated agent to assist with the roll out. Our wholesale relationship allows us to sell Verizon FTTI, Comcast Cable, Altice Cable and Spectrum Cable. Also available are AT&T Broadband and Century Link Broadband. Between the lot of them we got you covered. If you are looking for 4G and 5G backup, we can accommodate you through our partnerships with AT&T and Verizon Mobile.

Internet Access

Direct Internet Access

Whereas Broadband is a shared service. DIA (Direct Internet Access) offers you a fiber circuit and full capacity internet. DIA also comes with an SLA whereas Broadband is best effort. If you need DIA, we have the best network to accommodate you. We will service all your locations and you have one point of contact for both administrative and technical needs.


MPLS Private Networks

DIAD has built out a phenomenal network footprint spanning all 50 states, as well as parts of Europe and Canada. We can reach millions of buildings to provide layer 2 service. Additionally, we deploy and manage the product for you too.

 network in a box

Network in a Box

If you want all the functionality of a network with one phone call our Network in a box solution is for you. We collect your requirements and send you a rack with all the equipment you need to service your office, all pre-installed. Just plug in you connections and you are live.



Our gurus have implemented an innovative method for providing private and secure circuits over our select broadband vendors. You can either provide your own broadband using one of our approved vendors or have us provide you with the Broadband Circuit. We guarantee that all forms of traffic -all frame sizes and all protocols- will be transmitted and received.

SD WAN Hybrid Deployment

SD-WAN Hybrid Deployment

We recommend, when feasible, combining private and public circuits, also known as a hybrid SD-WAN topology. Deploying a hybrid network means provisioning both a private circuit and a broadband circuit at each location. When employing DIAD's technology, each circuit can backup its companion circuit with full functionality.

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How we can help

We Can Help Develop your Cloud Strategy

Cloud providers are doing a phenomenal job of enticing businesses to partake of the many Cloud benefits. We can give you a good understanding of which components benefit your situation and which do not. We can also direct you the the best provider for your needs. Most importantly,we include a security assessment and make the appropriate recommendation.

We Can Implement your Cloud Strategy from Start to Finish

We can provide all the Licenses and accounts you need to move to the Cloud. We can provide all the Microsoft and Google productivity bundles with the added security you will need.

We Provide Stellar Support

We offer premium support packages on all the solutions we implement. During and following deployment you get 24/7/365 North American technical support.

We Provide Ongoing Training

We offer various programs to train your staff to easily adjust to their new environment and to learn to maximize the benefits the Cloud brings them.

We Can Be your One Stop Cloud Shop

With over 1000 solutions and the engineering team to maintain and support them, we can be your one stop for purchase,support, security and billing.

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