DIAD offers you the benefit of its expertise in helping you manage the transition between the old way of doing business and the new. We address your infrastructure needs, your interconnectivity needs,productivity software needs. We also target your security concerns as well as provide ongoing help desk services for your new environment.

WAN Design

WAN Design and Implementation

Whether you want to upgrade your private Wide Area Network to include failsafe backup and security or you are looking to deploy a secure internet based Wide Area Network, we are here to help you. Our expertise in Cisco technology and our keen understanding of the modern elements of networking, routing and throughput, make us your best choice. Reach out to us we will send a team of experts to analyze where you are today , where you want to be tomorrow and how best to get there.
If you have multiple locations throughout the country and want a single vendor to engineer and maintain your entire enterprise we are your best choice.

Cloud Help Desk

Diad has partnered with Appsmart to offer you 24/7/365 help for your employees. We handle anything that can be done remotely. Some of the areas we cover for you: WiFi issues, Bandwidth optimization, SaaS Application issues, Backup, File Sharing, security, malware removal, file recovery, and printer problems. All this assistance is offered by reliable friendly technicians. You can sign up for a 12-month commitment and pay only $20 a seat per month.

Cloud on ramp

Cloud On Ramp

The business world is transitioning their computing to the cloud en masse. Which provider should you chose? What are the hidden costs? Which of your services should be trusted to the cloud and which should not? How do you connect securely to your Cloud environment? All of these questions and more have to be answered before you can make an intelligent decision. We are here to help you with the analysis and we can provide you with reliable and comprehensive information needed to inform your decision. We can also implement the transition for you.

Security Audits

Security Audits

We have a team of experts who specialize in the compliance requirements in various industries. We service the healthcare and financial industries. We also have a team that performs an analysis of the average company network looking for the holes that you want to plug up.

Lunch and learn

Lunch & Learn

Statistics show that success in hacking a network is enabled more by user error than any other vulnerability. We train your employees in how protect your network from phishing, spear phishing, phone phishing and other common area where vigilance needs to be intensified. We offer various programs depending on your needs. We offer a test with simulated attacks to ensure proficiency.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Design and Implementation

When your entire business is hit by a natural disaster or is incapacitated by electrical or network outages , you can flip a switch and start computing from a new location. We offer the technology to run a simultaneous set of servers which replicates , in real time, all activity from Site A to Site B. You can connect the two sites over the internet or with a direct private connection. We have several plans to accommodate your needs.


Secure On-Site Backup Solution

If you are like us, you are still wary about relying on the cloud for ultimate access to your data. We can offer you in-house backup solutions to accompany whatever other solutions you use. We have many options depending on your needs.

Mail Server

Secure On-Site Mail Server

Many people are still wary about relying on the cloud for ultimate access to your data. We can offer you an in house Mail Server solutions to accompany whatever other solutions you use. We employ technology that separates the mail server from the rest of your environment and doesn't allow for the entry of mail from outside your network until it checked and secure. We have many options depending on your needs.

Video Server

Secure ON-Site Video Server

The rise in popularity of zoom has engendered an awareness of a new vulnerability. The video server. We can offer you an in-house Video Conferencing solutions to accompany whatever other solutions you use. We have many options depending on your needs.


Secure ON-Site PBX

Another avenue that highlights your vulnerability to hackers is you PBX . We can offer you an in house PBX solutions to accompany whatever other solutions you use. We have many options depending on your needs. .

File sharin

Secure On-Site File Sharing and Colaberation

You can now have your cake and eat it too. If you have been marveling at the convenience of file sharing and collaboration that the Google and Microsoft offer, but are not comfortable with sharing your sensitive data with them, we have your solution. A server that provides the sharing and collaboration tools you have come expect but is only accesible to your wide area network. You have total control of all the program's rich features.

Unified Communication

Customized Unified Communication solution PBX

You can have all of your communications needs delivered to you. We offer Voice, fax, Video conferencing, texting and voice messaging all from one customized interface. We can satisfy the demands of call center requirements with full reporting and live tracking. The voice quality is excellent and faxes come through. You determine how you want them stored and viewed and which users have access to the data.

How we can help

We Can Help Develop your Cloud Strategy

Cloud providers are doing a phenomenal job of enticing businesses to partake of the many Cloud benefits. We can give you a good understanding of which components benefit your situation and which do not. We can also direct you to the best provider for your needs. Most importantly,we include a security assessment and make the appropriate recommendation.

We Can Implement your Cloud Strategy from Start to Finish

We can provide all the Licenses and accounts you need to move to the Cloud. We can provide all the Microsoft and Google productivity bundles with the added security you will need.

We Provide Stellar Support

We offer premium support packages on all the solutions we implement. During and following deployment you get 24/7/365 North American technical support.

We Provide Ongoing Training

We offer various programs to train your staff to easily adjust to their new environment and to learn to maximize the benefits the Cloud brings them.

We Can Be your One Stop Cloud Shop

With over 1000 solutions and the engineering team to maintain and support them, we can be your one stop for purchase,support, security and billing.


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